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WordPress Benefits: Why WordPress?

You may be asking yourself, “What is WordPress?”, or if you know what it is, “Why WordPress?”

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For us, it comes down to simplicity of use for our clients, security, and speed. WordPress is a tried and true content management system (CMS for short). It is intuitive and allows you to easily make content changes to your website. You don’t have to dig into the code, or call a developer to do so. This means you can easily do things like update a menu, contact information, available services, hours – etc., without paying for changes.


All of our full website design packages come with basic, essential training to get you up to speed on using it. Although it is definitely not necessary to do so, there are TONS of resources if you decide you want to dig deeper and have further control. WordPress gives both our non-technical, and technical clients the control they are comfortable with.


WordPress has a huge community, and about 30% of the internet runs on it! Partly due to this popularity, WordPress stays on top of its security, and makes updates frequently. We get to pass on this security benefit to our clients.

Fast Development

Instead of having to reinvent the wheel (or more like every part of the car in this case) every time we start a site, WordPress’s community has a large number of developers that contribute plugins and themes. We then work on finding the ones that are most performant, highly rated, and regularly updated. Next, we figure out how to effectively integrate them into your site. While this does take time, and there is much more to development than selecting some plugins, it is still much faster than developing an entire codebase from scratch.

Cost Effective

In the end, this allows us to deliver you a feature rich, secure, and simple to use site faster, and therefore cheaper. Win-Win for everyone!

WordPress Development

If you are interested in reaping all of the above benefits by having us create a WordPress website for you, check out our services!

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